The Crusade Manifesto


  • Granting that, for the present, and foreseeable future, barring some act of Divine intervention, realization of the official doctrine, the ideal, here, in this world, is not attainable…
  • Nonetheless, we hereby declare our desire to hear these wise and timeless Truths proclaimed courageously from our parish pulpits. ("Whoever teaches the law shall be called great."—S. Matthew 5:19)
  • Because the world is lost, like a ship at sea in a tempest, and although Mother Church be in possession of the North Star—the guiding light to show us the way to safety—she keeps this light hidden under a lampshade (Matthew 5:15–16), as though she fears appearing regressive in the eyes of the world. ("He who is ashamed of Me and of My Words, of him the Son of Man will also be ashamed."—S. Luke 9:26, S. Mark 8:38)

Let it be known then, that we, the signatories, the lay Catholic faithful, hereby formally petition our bishops, that they may lead our pastors and priests in preaching, from our parish pulpits, on Sundays and Holy Days, this, the timeless and perennial (Semper, ubique, et ab omnibus) Catholic Church teaching on the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as follows:

Church and State

  • The Church is to the State, what the Soul is to the Body. (Vatican II: Lumen Gentium, §38; Gaudium et Spes, §40.)
    • As the human person is dead and lifeless without being animated by the soul, so the State without the Church has no hope for life or peace.
  • Since the Family is antecedent to the State (as every member of the State was first member of a Family), the Natural Law ordains, therefore, that the sole purpose of the State is to preserve and protect the Family…
    • And, since "the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23), and nothing is more perilous than death, the State must legislate to protect against sin (Ratione Peccati).
  • The laws of the State, therefore, must conform to the Natural and the Divine Positive Law.
  • The authority of the State is subordinate to the authority of Christ the King; and, by extension, His Kingdom on Earth, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church…
    • Because, in the chain of causality, all things are brought into being, and sustained, by the power of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.
    • Because Christ has natural dominion over all creatures by his very essence (i.e., the hypostatic union).
    • Because, in addition to His natural dominion, Christ acquired this right during our redemption. ("You are not your own, for you have been bought with a great price."—1 Cor. 6:19–20)
    • Because, in the hierarchy of ends, man’s ultimate supernatural end (to know, love, and serve God) takes precedence over all intermediate natural ends.
  • "Separation of Church and State":
    • Removes the State out from under the protection of Christ and His Church.
    • Leaves society vulnerable to attacks by the forces of evil.
    • Leads inexorably to society falling under the domain of the prince of this world. (S. Luke 4:5–8)
  • The State must confess Christ as King, or it will be the ruin of the very society which it has been charged to protect.
    • The so-called "Secular State" is an impossibility. The State will either confess Christ as King, or it shall have satan for a king. There exists no third alternative. (S. James 4:4)

Legitimate Authority

  • All authority is ultimately derived from Our Lord Jesus Christ. (S. John 19:11, Romans 13:1)
  • Therefore, any authority which denies the source of its power is rebellious and must be admonished.

The Peace of Christ

  • No possibility for peace (i.e. the "tranquility of order") exists outside the reign of Christ the King. (Pax Christi in Regno Christi.)
  • True peace, as true freedom, lies only in the ability to do the good.
  • The pursuit of anything contrary to the good leads not to freedom, but to bondage; not to peace, but to disorder and chaos.


  • Rights are derived not from the State, but from the Natural and the Divine Positive Law.
  • No one has a right to anything contrary to the good.
  • Error has no rights.
    • As such, the public practice of religion must be reserved only for the One True Faith.
    • Likewise, freedom of the press and freedom of speech are rights reserved only for what is true and good.
    • While the State is, indeed, called upon by the Church to exercise strict enforcement in this regard, the State is prohibited from engaging in forced conversions, and from persecuting the private practice of religion.

Catholic Action

  • All Catholics are obligated to work and/or pray to bring society's laws into conformity with Natural and Divine Law.
  • Feeding the hungry and clothing the naked is not enough. The Corporal Works of Mercy are cold and lifeless without being accompanied also by the Spiritual Works of Mercy.
  • All Catholics are obligated to boycott any business, institution, or NGO which proclaims, implicitly or explicitly, its opposition to Christ's Kingdom and the moral order it establishes.

Christ's Kingdom Spreads Only Through Evangelization

  • The pagan Roman Empire became Catholic not solely through homeless shelters and soup kitchens, and not at all through acts of subversion and sabotage, but rather wholly through bold and tireless proclamation of the Truth.
  • So also must the Church of today work to rehabilitate the post-Christian world in order to bring it once again under the protection of Christ's Kingdom.

The ultimate purpose and function of all state legislation, therefore, is that man love God.

—Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles, 3.116.

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