The Crusade of Our Time

The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

—G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, Jan. 14, 1911

Everyone agrees there's a problem with society

When it comes to politics, common folk everywhere are in agreement that society is engulfed in chaos, injustice reigns supreme, and that the lawless are making the laws.

There remains yet one solution

Amidst the chaos, the timeless teaching of Mother Church can be heard echoing faintly from the past…

We tried to warn you!

Source: Timeless Teaching of the Church.

Step one

The first step to restoring the tranquility of order, is for the Church to do as she was commanded by her King: Proclaim the Truth. (“Teach them to observe all things I have commanded you.”—Matt. 28:20.)

However, in the primordial combat between Good and Evil, before our bishops and priests can courageously lead us into battle under the standard of Christ the King, they first need to know that we have their back.

Step zero

So, therefore, prudence demands that the all-important work of reforming society must begin by the laity formally stating their needs and desires to their hierarchy.

The is, at its core, a lay petition to the Roman Catholic hierarchy (and, by extension, all clergy and religious) to preach the Social Kingship of Christ.


  • §2. The Christian faithful are free to make known to the pastors of the Church their needs, especially spiritual ones, and their desires.
  • §3. Conscious of their own responsibility, Christ’s faithful have the right, indeed at times the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence, and position, to manifest to the sacred pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church.
    • They have the right also to make their views known to others of Christ’s faithful.
    • In doing so they must always respect the integrity of faith and morals, show due reverence to the sacred pastors, and take into account both the common good and the dignity of individuals.


Sign the petition

You are 7½ minutes away from signing the petition!

It's really pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, but, just in case you need it, we have prepared these:

Answers to FAQs

  • In signing this petition, you are signing the Crusade Manifesto.
  • You will have the ability to edit or remove your entry at any time.
  • Presently, only Catholics in the USA can submit this petition.
    • If you live outside the USA, and would like to help deploy this petition in your home nation, please contact us.

Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and your religious act like religious.

—Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Excerpt from an address to the 90th Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus, June, 1972.

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